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Chiropractic for neck pain and shoulder complaints

Cause and treatment of neck pain and shoulder complaints

Neck pain is often associated with other complaints such as upper back pain, shoulder pain, headaches and radiation symptoms such as tingling, pain or numbness in the arms or hands. It can have various causes, such as a car accident causing whiplash, a fall, but the main problem usuall stems from an accumulation of daily stresses including poor posture, sleeping habits, mental stress and repetitive activities.

Structurally, neck pain is often caused by a combination of factors, at the center of which lies a dysfunction in the movement of the joints, the foundation of the body. This can lead to the muscles compensating, some becoming too tight, some too weak. Massage and other treatments to relax the muscles may help temporarily, but as long as the joints themselves are blocked, the problems tend to return.

Neck pain and stiffness

Neck pain can have many causes, but it very often stems from daily stresses such as postural issues, mental stress and repetitive movements.

The body is interconnected and almost all complaints arise from a combination of problems with the joints, muscles and surrounding structures such as the fascia and tendons.

Most therapists only look locally at where the pain is and often only address one part of the problem. Our holistic approach allows us to address all aspects of the problem to give the best chance for recovery.


A whiplash is a forceful stretching of the neck joints, muscles and ligaments due to a swinging motion, occuring most commonly during a motorvehicule accident or a fall.

Symptoms do not always occur immediately after the incident. A whiplash can cause some instability in the neck structures, which does not necessarily cause immediate pain. However, as time passes, the instability can cause abnormal movements in the joints and put pressure on places that are not designed to handle it.

A chiropractor can help by restoring normal joint movement and prescribing exercises to strengthen the postural and deep-seated muscles in the neck.

Frozen shoulder

There is a very strong connection between the shoulder joint and the joints in the neck, upper back, collarbone and ribs. Improving the way the spine and surrounding joints move can often make the recovery from a frozen shoulder quicker as well as more complete. It possible that an issue in the neck or upper back might have been the cause in the first place.

Our chiropractors also treat the shoulder directly, releasing tension in the deeper muscles in the scapula, arm, neck and armpit. This can help speed up the recovery process, or even prevent the symptoms from worsening, as a frozen shoulder can sometimes take up to a year to recover.

Tingling and numbness

A tingling or numb sensation can be a symptom of nerve entrapment, joint dysfunction or significant muscle tension. It usually occurs in the arms, hands, buttocks, legs or feet.

Chiropractors are trained to diagnose the source of tingling/numbness and can apply specific treatments to help eliminate the cause.

Dizziness and tinnitus

In some cases, dizziness and tinnitus can occur due to problems with the way the upper neck joints move. The first vertebral joint is responsible for sending signals to the brain regarding balance. When those signals are interrupted or incorrect because of abnormal joint movement, dizziness or tinnitus can occur.

Chiropractors can examine your spine to determine if your complaint may be caused by a joint problem.

Rib pain and collarbone complaints

The joints of the collarbone, neck, upper back and rib cage are all intertwined. If one of them moves incorrectly, the rest follow and compensate.

Pain in the ribs can be felt in several places, on the back between the shoulder blades, on the side under the arms, flank, or at the front at the joint with the sternum. A blocked or bruised rib can also cause pain with breathing.

Chiropractic care cannot treat broken or bruised ribs, as can happen after an accident, but it can help if a rib is stuck.

How can chiropractic help with neck pain?‚Äč

A chiropractor is an expert in the spine and in the treatment of physical complaints in the joints, muscles and surrounding structures.
Our comprehensive approach begins with analyzing and correcting dysfunctions, blockages, in the joints of the spine and the rest of the body, so that the body regains balance and optimal function.

For long-term improvement, we strive to correct all 4 of the following factors:

1. Correction of blockages and dysfunctions in the joints.

Through specific chiropractic treatments, such as manual mobilizations or the use of instruments and the chiropractic table, the movement of the joints is corrected and restored to its optimal position.

2. Tension in the muscles, tendons and fascia

In some cases, the chiropractor will loosen specific areas of tension in the muscles or fascia using dry needling or another treatment technique. A visit to the masseuse or a referral to one of the physiotherapy practices we often work with may also be recommended if the tension is significant.

3. Strengthening of specific postural muscles

Once the base of your body, the spine and pelvis, start moving better, we can identify the key areas that need strengthening. The chiropractor will prescribe an exercise plan to accomplish this when necessary.

4. Improvement of postural habits

It is then important to identify what can trigger a relapse or build up tension in your muscles and joints, and try to optimize this as much as possible.

In many cases, tension will eventually build up again, our bodies are not made to sit at a computer all day or perform heavy and repetitive tasks.

5. Maintenance

It is incredibly difficult to have a perfect lifestyle, with low stress, good nutrition, great posture and plenty of exercise every day.

Maintenance treatments can help keep the movement of the joints in your spine optimal and release tension before it becomes symptomatic again. Most symptoms build up over weeks or months and this means that major problems can often be prevented!


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