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A comprehensive approach to physical health

Our chiropractors are trained in the use of various techniques to give you the best chance at recovery and improvement. Every individual is different, as is every visit. Depending on your complaints and the corrections to be made, the chiropractor will chose which technique will work best.

The various techniques we use allow us to safely and effectively treat everyone from newborn babies to the elderly.

Onderrug behandeling hernia SI-gewricht chiropractor

Diversified technique

Diversified technique is the most common form of chiropractic treatment. This form of adjustment is a manual treatment and can cause cracking noises, which is simply a release of air trapped inside the joint space.

Flexie distraction tafel behandeling hernia

Cox technique - Flexion distraction

A gentle but highly efficient technique which helps to open up the space in between the vertebral joints. Effective for hernia, arthrose, stenose and other conditions.

Dry needling chiropractie medicus

Dry needling

A form of treatment performed with small needles. Different than acupuncture, dry needling helps in releasing the tension in knots, trigger points in the muscles and fascia.

arthrostim zachte veilige chiropractie


The Arthrostim is an electric chiropractic instrument. With gentle movements, it is very effective at releasing trigger points or helping joints move correctly.

IATSM guasha graston behandeling chiropractie medicus

IASTM Fascia release

IASTM or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization uses an instrument to massage the muscles to release myofascial trigger points.

Midden rug pijn behandeling ribben Chiropractor

Thompson technique

The Thompson technique is another gentler form of chiropractic care. Using “drops” on the table, the chiropractor can help gently move the joints back into proper alignment.

vibrocussor chiropractie behandeling trigger punten


An instrument that emits deep, controllable percussions to loosen fascia and soft tissues.

activator zachte voorzichtige behandeling chiropractor

Activator technique

The activator is a small mechanical instrument used to gently restore movement to your spine. It is very light and can be used on anyone, including babies and the elderly.

ART active muscle release behandeling chiropractie medicus

Active release technique (ART)

In some cases, the chiropractor will also perform deep release of the fascia or surrounding soft tissues to further correct muscle imbalances.

Chiropractor behandelt zwangere vrouw

Webster technique

The Webster technique is a gentle chiropractic treatment that aligns the pelvis and loosens soft tissues from associated muscle groups. This allows the pelvis to function properly during pregnancy, allowing the baby to grow and move in an ideal environment.

kinesio taping chiropractie medicus

Kinesio taping

Kinesio Taping can be used to gently support the muscular system by relaxing or activating certain muscles. It can also help maintain proper posture after chiropractic treatment.

aanbevolen oefening chiropractie medicus

Exercises and stretching

A strong structural foundation is essential, but it is essential to also support your recovery with specific stretching exercises and strengthening of key postural muscles.

Chiropractic is a method of finding, analyzing and correcting dysfunctions in the way the joints in the spine move and function.

Through a holistic approach, we strive to help you feel, move and function optimally, whatever that may be with what your body can do.

Gilbert Kooi
Gilbert Kooi
12 April 2024
Arianne van Wingerden
Arianne van Wingerden
7 Maart 2024
Ik heb een intake gehad bij Genevieve Viljoen en ik kreeg van haar heel waardevol advies. Ze is een fijne open dame met oog voor de cliënt.
Danny da Silva
Danny da Silva
2 Maart 2024
Coming here quite a while now. I call it my monthly maintenance check in. Very professional and more importantly very effective.
Real Madrid
Real Madrid
21 Februari 2024
Top chiropractie! Martin weet wat hij doet. Hij geeft tijd om te bespreken waar je last van hebt. Hij bespreekt ook of de vorige klachten verdwenen zijn. Een man met verstand voor zijn vak
Rudolf Torsoh
Rudolf Torsoh
30 November 2023
Deze fysio weet wat hij doet en geeft ook goede uitleg. Als jij een goede chiropractor zoek dan moet je hier zijn.
Roos Hobé
Roos Hobé
17 November 2023
Ben sinds een jaar in behandeling bij Martin. Ik kwam met klachten gerelateerd aan een herstellende hernia. Ik kan nu weer alles ( met mate).
Tracy Pereira Bravo
Tracy Pereira Bravo
9 November 2023
Na 1 behandeling al zo’n bizarre verlichting! Martin heeft echt kennis van wat hij doet en legt alles goed uit.

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Chiropractic intake appointment

Would you prefer to make an appointment directly for an intake? Then the appointment is longer and includes a more extensive examination as well as a first chiropractic treatment to get your body started back on the right track.